Quotes en filmpjes


Tiger Woods

Vraag van Golf Channel: "What is the most important thing that amateurs need to know about equipment these days?":

Antwoord van Tiger: "Proper fitting, I think the ultimate key is to have the golf clubs fit you, you not fit the club. I try and stress that to all the juniors and even amateurs that I give clinics to, they ask me in Pro Ams, you got to get a club that fits. ........ I think that's where amateurs need to take advantage of that opportunity. I think that will help their game tremendously."

Jim Furyk

"Most weekend players don't get fit. Someone buys a driver or irons off the rack and says, "I'll learn to hit it". It doesn't work that way. You don't learn to hit a club. You need something that matches your game and ability. You need to be fitted by a professional. You might say, "I'm not that good, so what's it matter?" Seems to me that hitting it 250 would be more fun than 235, so get fitted."


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